Our philosophy

„It’s a never-ending anguish, to make glass”- once said, Otto Schott. This slogan of glass production is shared by the founder of our company and our whole family.

Our company is characterized by a commitment to quality, constant development, reliability, and equal cooperation with our partners.

Excellent European glass raw material, certified quality, continuous development of technical and technological possibilities, and many years of experience with heat-resistant glass guarantee high-quality products.

We only deal with the distribution of quality products, work with high-quality European raw materials, and buy the raw materials from large European companies that produce high-quality products, are constantly inspected, and even supply the pharmaceutical industry.

We carry out our work under strictly controlled certificates. This ensures that our users in all parts of the world can use our products in laboratories with complete peace of mind; also for food in their homes and kitchens.

We are constantly looking for development opportunities in our products, machine park, experts, and manufacturing processes.

We strive to provide the best service to our customers, we are flexible in complying with individual, personalized requests, providing a complete service to those who choose us.

“We manufacture/procure all products that the buyer orders and pays for.” – our executive director once said, but this statement is still true today.