Laborglass and technical glassware

At our company, the art of crafting precision laboratory glassware and glassware for laboratory use has been at the heart of our operations since our inception. Our journey began in 1996, and from the very start, we have been committed to excellence in the field of glassware production. Over the years, we have not only established ourselves as a leading manufacturer but have also become the trusted distributor of renowned German-made Schott Duran® laboratory glassware and heat resistant glass. Our dedication to quality and service extends to our branch office in Budapest, where we continue to expand our offerings.

While our headquarters in Hungary (Sopron) boasts a comprehensive inventory of glassware for laboratory use, serving our local partners with a wide array of options, our reach extends far beyond. Throughout the rest of Europe, we exclusively distribute the high-quality glass products that we meticulously manufacture in collaboration with our trusted partners.

One of the hallmarks of our commitment to quality is our unwavering adherence to the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. We take pride in being the first and sole manufacturer of custom laboratory glassware in Hungary to implement this stringent quality control measure.

Our dedication to quality is our guarantee to you: we do not compromise on the origin, chemical composition, or quality of the products we offer. When you choose us as your source for laboratory glassware, you can trust in the precision and reliability of every piece.

Our product range includes a variety of series and small series products, expertly crafted from premium materials such as Duran® and AR-Glas® glass tubes and rods, sourced from Schott-Rohrglas (Germany). Additionally, we employ advanced techniques to further process Duran® and Simax products, ensuring that our heat resistant glass and technical glass products meet the highest industry standards. The standard ground joint used in our glassware is either self-manufactured or sourced from the Duran Group, further emphasizing our commitment to quality and precision.

Our excellence in technical glassware for export (heat-resistant laboratory glassware, custom glassware for individuals) is built on a foundation of quality, precision, and commitment. We look forward to continuing our tradition of providing partners throughout Europe and beyond with the finest glassware solutions available in the industry.

Laboratory glasses

Our series or small series products are made from Duran® and AR-Glas® glass tubes and rods manufactured by Schott-Rohrglas, as well as by further processing Duran® and Simax products. The grindings are self-manufactured or purchased from the Duran Group.

In addition to the products listed on our website and in our printed catalog, we also undertake the production of other, unique products in our glass technique.




What has been unthinkable so far, we are realizing now! In 2019, we commissioned the world’s most modern laser glass processing equipment, which is our new direction, opening up these far unknown perspectives in the field of hollow glass processing. At present, our company is the only one in the world which offer hollow glass machining with laser cutting technology.

Laboratory glasses
Laboratory glasses