Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink

General laboratory equipments

  • Beaker (low form, tall form)
  • Flasks with round or flat bottom (narrow neck, wide neck)
  • Erlenmeyer-flasks (narrow neck, wide neck)
  • Petri dishes
  • Evaporating and crystallizing dishes
  • Culture and centrifuge tubes

Laboratory bottles, reagent bottles with wide and narrow necks

  • Laboratory bottles (laboratory bottles, DURAN laboratory bottles, brown bottles, square bottles, proper bottles, GLS80 bottles)
  • Reagent bottles with a narrow neck
  • Reagent bottles with a wide neck (round, square, brown, with standard ground joint and stopper, reagent bottles with a wide neck)
  • Laboratory bottles accessories (screw-caps, tamper-proof screw caps, pouring ring, silicone rubber seals, premium screw-caps, premium pouring ring, membrane screw-caps)
  • Other bottles (Winkler bottles, indicator bottles, bottle weighings, a cylinder with knobbed lid
Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink
Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink

Desiccators and their accessories

Volume measurement tools

  • Volumetric flasks (class A, class B, brown, with NS glass stopper)
  • Measuring cylinder (class A, class B, with hexagonal glass base, with a plastic base, with graduation)
  • Burettes (automatic burettes, reservoir bottle, class A, class B, class DIN AS, with glass stopcock, with PTFE stopcock, with side stopcock, with Schellbach stripe, main graduations encircle the tube)
  • Pipettes (bulb pipettes, measuring pipettes, pipettes for poison, class A, class B, with 1 sign, with 2 sign)
  • Winkler bottles

Glasfilters and their accessories, funnels

  • Funnels (glass funnels, funnels with a long stem, ribbed funnels, powder funnels)
  • Filters (filter crucibles, filter funnels, filter discs)
  • Filtering flasks (Erlenmeyer shape, with glass hose connection)
  • Guko set
Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink
Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink

Grindings, screw-products

  • Flasks with a round bottom (with one neck, with two necks, with three necks, with standard ground sockets)
  • Flasks with a flat bottom
  • Erlenmeyer flasks (with standard ground sockets, with screw-cap, with glass stopper)
  • Condensers (Liebig condensers, Allihn condensers, spiral-condensers, Dimroth-condensers, jacketed coil condensers, condensers for extractors, Soxhlet extractors)
  • Separating and dropping funnels (PTFE-stopcock, glass-stopcock, with pressure equalization tubes, graduated with standard ground cone)
  • Other grinding, screw-products (Y-Connectors, connection pieces, connection pieces 75°, connection pieces 90°, Claisen-heads, drying tubes, adapters, receiver adapters straight/bent, receiver adapters with vacuum connection straight/bent, splash heads straight/bent, distilling links with Liebig condenser)
  • Components (standard sockets, standard cones, screwthread tubes, screwthread tubes with standard ground cone, single way stopcocks, valve-stopcocks with PTFE-Spindle, stopper, clips for conical joints)

Other glass tools

  • Glasses for mixing
  • Diamond pearls
  • Tubes for dripping
  • Spirit lamps
Laboratóriumi üvegeszközeink

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